From children to senior portraits, from family photos to couple's engagement...

...these are the significant milestones in your life that should be celebrated and documented. 

Photography records history by freezing moments of the present. These moments become a chapter in your life.

Images have the ability to help us recall and relive powerful memories: an opportunity to re-experience that day. By capturing the details of life, such as a grin, a look, or a laugh, it paints a clear picture to remember that moment for years to come.

There are many stories in your life that deserve to be celebrated.

I can help you tell your story.

Your Guide


I am a husband, father, musician and photographer. Throughout my life, I have been fortunate to participate in many defining moments in my life. The moments that stand out the most, such as my wedding day, are times when a photographer helped document my story.

I can be your guide in helping tell your story.

When we have the opportunity to work together, I will help:

  1. Guide you throughout the entire journey, from our first phone call to receiving your heirlooms.

  2. Bring out the positive moments of your story.

  3. Create a relaxed, safe and comfortable enviroment during our photo session. Be warned, I am a goofy person!

  4. Remembering your photography experience with an heirloom: from a print to put on display for your wall to an album to tell your story.

  5. Tell your story. Together, we will craft the photoshoot to make your story unique only to you.


I photograph both on-location and in the studio. Each session is different, and each session is uniquely based on the story and individual/family. Below are examples of families, couples, children being themselves, and couples with their fur-babies. While all photos carry a different story, all share the same warmth, energy, and excitement for life.


Every photo and video is a piece of your life story. While the photoshoot captures and records your current story, it is also writing your history.  By collecting and curating moments in your life through heirlooms, you will have a visual legacy to pass down to future generations.

In a sea of digital noise, millions of photos and content are uploaded on the internet. One day they are visible and on your mind. The next day, they are surrounded with millions of other things, away from your mind: your story is buried. Print pulls your legacy out from the digital noise and displays it to people close to you: your friends, family, community and future.

Social media and the internet still play an important role in our lives today: every print purchase comes with a digital version optimized for web use.


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