Sydney - Senior Session - Downtown Statesboro, Georgia

Sydney had a goal and went for it. Applying the keto diet to her lifestyle, she achieved her weight goal and wanted to celebrate! She wanted an urban-like backdrop for her photos, and the location we both picked was downtown Statesboro. Although the downtown area is small, there is so much potential for fantastic photos: texture, history, greenery… yes!! Here are a few of my favorites from the session.


She’s a natural in front of the camera! I gave a few directions, and she adapted quickly. When I introduced new ideas to her, she tried them out and owned it!


According to the internet (Well, it must be true!), there’s a wall with birds painted in the back of the building. We were both curious and wanted to check it out. We were met with a plain white wall…boo. As we backtracked to other shoot locations, I saw an empty commercial building with brick columns and shade. Not going to lie, I forgot how unforgiving the 3pm weather is in Statesboro and wanted to cool off: double win!


We walked a little more and found ourselves at Triangle Park. There was another photoshoot happening at the location we wanted, so we improvised and found a nice backdrop!


We walked a bit more and found mushrooms!


As we were walking back to our cars, I saw white stairs, white wall, and a white piggy bank (sadly didn’t make a cameo). It was a great way to wrap up the session! Sydney, have fun at Georgia Southern University (Go Big Blue!)!